Fourth Decade 1996-2006

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Fourth Decade 1996-2006

Our fourth decade began with Phil McDade being elected as Institute Vice-President.
The Chapter received the Institute’s Student Liaison Award for its dedication to the students of our area. Not only is this award a high honor, but this was the first time that it was awarded to a Chapter rather than an individual. The Chapter continued its commitment to students through our involvement at USM and our very active USM Student Affiliate. Through the leadership of Hugo Ley and the dedication of our Chapter members, the affiliate grew stronger with each year. The Chapter again hosted a very successful Region Conference in 1997.

The Chapter was doubly honored in 1998 by the award of an Institute Citation to Phil McDade for his long time service to the Chapter, Region, and Institute and by Tom Clarke’s advancement to Fellow of the Institute. Phil McDade was elevated to Fellow of the Institute the following year. The Fellowship award was also very special to Phil and the Chapter because Bob Harrison was serving as chairman of the Jury of Fellows.

In 2000 our Chapter was awarded the Institute’s Outstanding Chapter Commendation, one of the few given. We have continued to excel and receive this award at the Annual Conventions. Tom was elected to serve as Institute Vice President in 2000 and Phil went back to the Institute board as Institute Secretary. Phil was elected to serve as Institute President Elect in 2001 and made his Chapter proud by serving as Institute President the following year, the first in our Chapter to ever reach this high office. While serving as institute president in 2003, Phil McDade presented Robert V. M Harrison and Thomas L. Clarke with Institute President Awards. Phil was the chairman of the Institute’s Michaelangelo Award when it was first given in 2004. Phil stepped forward to lead the chapter once again and chaired the committee to host a Leadership Conference in August of 2004. Our Chapter, noted for innovative planning, raised the bar for this event by gathering a group of talented CSI musicians and forming the Spectones Band to perform at the opening party at Hal’s and Mal’s restaurant.

The Chapter members, emboldened and inspired by Phil and Tom’s service, continued to move forward, and in 2005 Gary LaRose was also elevated to Fellowship for his service to the Institute and his steadfast and meaningful contributions to the Uniform Drawing System. Also in 2005 Tom Clarke received the Robert V. Bishop Award which is the Gulf States Region’s highest honor bestowed on an individual. When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast the Chapter members stepped forward, and along with Mississippi AIA, performed damage assessments and other volunteer efforts to assist in the recovery.

Awards continue to bring pride to the Chapter and so, in addition to other accomplishments, the Chapter received Region and Institute awards for its Chapter Calendar of Events and New Member Orientation Guide designed and created by John Dunaway. Those documents have now been incorporated into the Chapter's website. Pertinent information about our Chapter, our members, Chapter events, and programs can be found on our website.

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